In the beginning – everything was black


Brain Bar

All components for the brain bar, including work spaces for VP Supervisor, VP TD, LED Operator, Colour Advisor and 3D Supervisor and Artists.

Camera Crane

From SuperTechno 30 to Technocrane 22 and MovieBird 45: We offer a wide range of cranes for productions.

network infrastructure

Setting up render farms (we supply network infrastructure RJ45 and fibre optics), servers and dedicated network components.


Cinematographic LED in various pixel pitches, most commonly 2.6 mm. From small volumes with 80 sqm up to huge volumes with more than 1000 sqm. All LED from one production batch.

Render Nodes

High-end nodes operating Unreal 4.27, Pixera or any other playout system that supports 2D, 2,5D and 3D content. Scaled, cascaded, physical or using VM. All equipped with the latest GPU.

Tracking Systems

Leading tracking systems like OptiTrack Outside-In, NCam Inside Out or others Tracking for the respective LED volume.