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Feature Film Quality

We build LED Volumes.

Feature film projects require high-end LEDs from one batch, in order to ensure the perfect picture, colour and visual appearance. We consult the production regarding the optimal LED wall shape and the most efficient setup, and also suggest a custom tailored volume for creating the ideal ready-to-shoot environment. In addition, we provide the respective technology, including the 2D or 3D content, if so required by the production.

We furthermore deliver, build, and test the LED volume in collaboration with the VFX team, DOP, director, and line producer.

Process driven

On Set Services.

Perfect virtual productions require a smooth process and pipeline management, as professional pre-production planning and process design help to significantly reduce most budgets.

We supply skilled and experienced crew members on set to support the production. In particular, we provide the virtual production producer, the LED volume technical director and operator, as well as the color advisor.

ISO certified

Rental Services.

It always starts with volume and equipment. When it comes to budgeting, we recommend an initial meeting to dive deeper into the topic, so that the production understands the process from scratch. How can we improve the production quality, what material is needed, where can we save costs?

The job begins with having optimal material in perfect condition. We deliver and setup in the agreed time-frame, stay within the calculated budget, supplying everything in the perfect quality required by your production. If technical problems occur, we instantly service, repair or replace missing or damaged items. We provide precise documentation upon completion of the production, coupled with the recommendation to hold a lesson’s learned session.